November 01, 2007

So this is Thursday

And it appears that Thursday's shall forever remain just like this. Too long; too slow; too...worky.

I've been updating the vacation calendar for the office. It's a fun thing to look at on a day like today. I opened it in the full month view and scrolled through all of November. Boss goes away for two weeks starting next Monday; then Thanksgiving and a short jump on into December. That month looked even better, with extra Mondays off and parties all over the place. But then I just kept going. I scrolled further and further down, watching the recurring alerts fly by over and over. When I stopped, it was on my birthday in 2014. So all of a sudden it wasn't fun anymore. On the day I am to turn 34 I must remember to send out an eTime reminder first thing in the morning. But it's payday, so hey! I'm sure I won't stay here that long. That would be shortly after my 8th anniversary with the company, and I just don't believe this relationship is meant to last that long. If it does, I'd better not still be in a position that requires me to send out eTime reminders twice a week.

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