October 13, 2007

like a swift kick in the ass

Nothing like getting called out on the best new friend-blog ever to make you finally remember how to log in to your own personal corner of the meatfreezer. So no, Miya, "not updating [my] blog" is not one of the various things that I like. However, you are correct that I don't have much of an excuse now that I've discovered the wireless readily available on my inter-porch.

Anyway, I'll try to start a new pattern of reliability on this here website.

The news at the moment is that my perfect-for-one-person-and-a-cat apartment has now become the Half-way House of Dudes. I am currently playing host to a Pirate and a Beav. If anyone else needs a place, they'll have to sleep in the trunk of my car. Or somehow extract one of the other residents. Either way would work for me. Right now I'm blissfully alone, enjoying the beautiful, long-awaited autumn weather. It will soon be too chilly for the interporch, and I will once again have a valid excuse for the lack of blog posts, but for now it's ideal.

So here I am. Updating. How about, as a reward, Miya, you send out the damn wedding photos already!

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