April 25, 2006

Thank you, and goodnight.

I'm back. Here are some pictures. Now I will sleep.

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April 22, 2006


We arrived in the city this morning. The train ride was actually 13 hours, but they were spent very comfortably in my very own sleeper cabin. That my friends, is the way to travel. So now weīre in an internet cafe where my brother is mourning two Red Sox losses since last he had contact with the MLB nation. I canīt believe that the last week went so quickly. There were only a few tough family moments (fewer once the third child arrived on Tuesday). Only three more days. Booo.

On the other hand, the much anticipated party at the House of Dudes has been set for May 6th. If you are in the area, or can get in the area, you should come!

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April 18, 2006


Iīm in Spain. Itīs a pretty nice country. Iīll have to wait until I get home to upload pictures because I didnīt bring my COMPUTER. I would try to send pictures from my phone, but I canīt use my CELL. Iīve only just come to this internet cafe to escape from my FAMILY.

Really, Iīm totally enjoying this trip, but 10 days with 2 parents and 2 brothers and NO OTHER PEOPLE MY AGE are wearing on me. Also, Baxter, you know I donīt speak Spanish. On Friday we head to Barcelona where I am promised lots of fun and night life and time to myself without the ever-present FAMILY. However, before Friday I have to brave at least 4 hours a day in the car on mountain roads with the whole gang, capped off by a 10 hour train ride. Iīll post again if I get another chance to escape from middle-aged resort land.

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