September 29, 2005

More mass mail

I had to stare at this one for a few seconds to figure out why it struck me as wrong.

is anyone else..... offended? disappointed? up hauled? and or disgusted? at the new products in the school store?

I am....this is crazy!!!!!!

These emails make me long to be a student so that I can send all the snarky replies that staff members can't get away with.

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September 20, 2005

Our wonderful educational system

Behold: the future!

To: Student Mailing List
Subject: new visitor policy

whut up everyone? this is [College Student], botherin u guys again, but for a good reason!!!!

in college, you are given the opportunity to act out in a way that u have never acted before. u are given a chance to enjoy your growth before u r forced to be an adult. part of that stipulates meeting new people, socializing and just enjoying other people (hint hint). HOW CAN WE DO THAT IF WE ARE ONLY ALLOWED TWO FREAKIN GUESTS, ONE HAVIN TO LEAVE AT MY LITTLE SISTER'S BEDTIME (eleven o clock for the slow ones)?!!!!! COME ON! THIS ISNT A PRISON, AND ITS NOT FAIR THAT MY LIFE IS CONTROLLED, AND I STILL GET A BILL! i know that alot of people are taking advantage of the privlege we DO have left (slap on the hand, stop it!!!), but that doesnt mean that the whole campus needs to suffer. also, instead of it becoming safer for us, the specifications of the policy are actually ass backwards. i spoke to [student advisor], and she said that she is willing to sit down with me and maybe six or seven other students (and campus safety) and change the policy, shake it up a bit. whutdoyathink?

And the educated response:

I am new to the school, but I totaly agree to what you are inplying. I thought college supost to be about freedom and becoming your own parent how could I do that when I am constantly mammy. The rules that have been given to to us about guest and closing every gate seems a little too much!

Quake, all ye who value language! Quake with fear!

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September 19, 2005

It's definitely real vanilla

"You don't have lunch?" asks the lovely Russian woman in my office. I tell her I'm fine; not really hungry.

"You want sweet thing? I have this..." and she offers vanilla wafers. I demure once again.

"This is good! No artifocal flowers!"

Once I finished laughing, I accepted a wafer and corrected her pronunciation. She's my favorite.

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September 14, 2005

Oh, to be a rat!

I have never physically been on a sinking ship, but lately, I think I know how it feels.

I've only ever been in one other situation like this: When I was 19 and on vacation from college, I worked for several areas of a town-run summer camp. The first was the environmental camp, where we led children through the woods and caught frogs and identified trees. That part was fine. The teen camp, however, was not fine. Every day the 12-14 year old students would arrive at the high school cafeteria and hope to be entertained. Every day we would disappoint them. For most of the time (especially when the weather was bad) the camp was like a 6 hour study hall. Occasionally we would take them on field-trips. One was to the Boston Science Museum. It took an hour and a half to get there on the bus. On arrival, we all went to a show at the Omni theater. After the show they ate lunch in the lobby and got right back on the bus. They never even had a chance to go through the turnstile into the actual museum. Same with the Red Sox game: we had to pile the students back into the bus during the 6th inning.

The students hated it and who could blame them? Some of them just stopped showing up; some demanded money back. But this was a town program and we had never made it into the black in the first place. So the kids were unhappy and the staff was embarrassed and bitter, but all the strings were being pulled by people higher up who had never spent even a day at the program. The environmental camp was a utopia by comparison. So later that year, they scrapped the environmental camp due to low enrollment numbers.

I like to take pride in what I do. I like to be associated with organizations which, if not necessarily successful, are trying to do the right thing. There's no benefit to being a shining star if you work in a mud puddle.

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September 09, 2005


So, I'm moving this weekend. First, all the stuff that I think I can do without for a month or so goes into a storage unit. Next, Sparky goes to live with the first of several foster parents. Penultimate step: I move some clothes and toiletries into Pete Machi's room in the house of dudes and write him a check for half his rent, so we can be absentee roomies. Last, I go sit in my car and cry.

Sounds like a fun weekend, no?

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