March 28, 2005


Two more days and then off to the land of the rain. My favorite part of having a job is the vacation. Is that wrong?

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March 10, 2005

I have been slapped right in my dirty, whorish mouth.

Serves me right for talking about spring in the beginning of March. As soon as evening fell on that fateful day, the temperature plummeted to the low teens and the snow moved in, accompanied by some fantastically powerful wind. I was watching the beautiful whorls formed by the snow and wind in our horse shoe-shaped entry (and thinking about irony) when I heard a commotion from the boys' floor. Sebastian, our 23 year old Argentinean student had just stumbled in, shaking and covered in snow. Turns out he had been taking the subway back to campus when the wind wreaked havoc on his light rail train. The power cable snapped and sent a shower of sparks all around the train car. The other passengers panicked as only seasoned Bostonians can, as he tried in (very) broken English to tell people not to touch grounded metal. Eventually, all the passengers were herded off the train into a forced death-march through the blizzard to the next station, then left to their own devices. For Sebastian that meant walking the better part of a mile over to a parallel train line. Long story not quite as long, he was out in the elements for a solid two hours in only a tee-shirt and fleece.

He told this story to a rapt audience of nearly the entire dorm, of whom I am the only native English speaker. I'm sure that they all thought I was a callous bitch for laughing so hard at every element of the story; but imagine, if you will, twenty ESL students. One of them is trying to come up with the words to describe showers of sparks and grounded metal and death marches, and the others are trying to help him by anticipating the next part of his story. In order to get their helpful points across they are coming up with some of the most creative hand gestures and pantomime I have ever seen. Meanwhile, I'm correcting their grammar and word choice. Now tell me if even one part of that image is not freaking hilarious.


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March 08, 2005

Sprung is Spring!

Nah, that's not true. Wouldn't it be nice though? In fact, it is 40 degrees and grey today - very much like Seattle - but they've predicted another few inches of snow over the rest of the week and I think I might have to kill someone (preferably a weatherman).

I only just realized, as I was logging in to update, that I only managed to post once in the entire month of February. I was in no way surprised by this realization. February blows. It's not as though nothing happened in February, either. It's that every moment in February is one that I'm trying to survive in order to be closer to the end of February. There's no opportunity to blog or to play or have fun. All I can do in February is throw every bit of my will into advancing the march of days. And then, of course, March shows up to remind me that it's not any better than February; only longer.

My, how I do bitch! Here are some good things: My vacation is fully booked and I'm positively giddy with excitement. My new roommate, Sparky, is moving in on the 12th. I saw a free G Love and the Special Sauce show last night. Beav won $950 when we we all went down to Foxwoods on Saturday night; and when the Beav wins, everybody wins. (Not me, I lost 50 bucks.) I got to see my two most adorable of all nephews last weekend, and Kagan is now old enough to be tossed in snow banks.

I still haven't bought a car, but it's in the works. So, if it would just stop snowing this could turn into a decent spring.

And maybe I'll try to post more often (now that I've killed February).

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