February 07, 2005

I'm not crazy, I'm a problem solver!

Yesterday Dooce related to the interweb the complicated dance she executes to avoid getting shocked by static electricity. Due to my own habit (compulsion, even) to cheat static, my interest was immediately piqued and I read on. And then - right there for everyone to see - Jon, the Professional Solver recommends just exactly what I've been doing for years!

So yes, I freely admit that during these static fraught months I unconsciously seek out little bits of grounded metal everywhere. I tap doorknobs. I keep one hand grounded while I remove sweaters and fleeces. I hold on to the outer frame of a car while removing myself from the seat. And through this, I don't expect to avoid getting shocked completely. In fact, I do the doorknob tap fully anticipating electrocution. The whole point is to know when it's coming. I can handle the pain, but not the surprise, so it's the anticipation that saves me; I'm sure of it.

Now I will no longer put my brilliance into practice surreptitiously; the cries of "OCD!" following me down carpeted hallways will have no effect. 'Cause I know I'm a problem solver; I read it on Dooce.

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