January 27, 2005

So this is what it feels like to be a slave to your job.

I swear, it never ends. Yesterday was a snow day, as I've already mentioned. Not only was I unable to keep from coming to work, but after hours they decided not to run the off-campus shuttle. I couldn't not come to work, and then I couldn't leave. First thing this morning I unplugged the Comcast box so that I won't spend every evening for the rest of my life lying on the couch watching crappy reruns in syndication. But that leaves me with nothing to do. (Nothing fun, anyway. I suppose I could finish unpacking, but what fun is that?) So I'm trapped by the job and trapped by the weather, simultaneously and individually. It's now 4:21 and I've planned my escape for today. I will be on the 5 pm shuttle and I will make my way to a bar all the way across town. I will be patronizing this particular bar because of its superior pool table. I will make my way back towards home at approximately 9 pm so that I will be able to hit a liquor store and stock up for all the things I've invited people to do at my apartment. (I doubt the other ladies who live and work here will be too keen to repeat a poker night if the first is as dry as my apartment is currently.)

Then, and only then, will I return to this crazy land of nightmares. What I wouldn't give for a repeat stint at Windermere Eastlake...

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January 26, 2005

"It's a pizza, not a... dance concert!"

Bottles of Liquor consumed while snowed in (bear in mind there were 6 of us):
1 Mount Gay Rum
1 Ginger Brandy
1 Malibu (although to be fair, it wasn't full when we started)
1 Di Sorrono
1 Kahlua (also not full)

I'm sure there were others that I simply cannot remember (for some reason).

Last weekend was the ideal blizzard: six friends snowed into a nice-sized house with a big-screen TV, comfortable couches, and two football games. Also perfect was the fact that Miya and I had spent the entire non-snowy portion of Saturday afternoon making hats and leg-warmers out of Salvation army sweaters. We finished up just in time to don our new winter gear and hit the supermarket, video store and liquor store before the blizzard arrived in full force.

Word of advice: hit the video store first if you ever find yourself in this sort of situation. Then you won't find yourself saying things like, "Oh my god, they don't even have a copy of Catwoman left!"

Now I'm sitting through another snow day which is not nearly as fun. When you live at your office, a snow day typically means more work. At least I can do it from home.

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January 08, 2005

My Fun Day

(Poached from an email. My apologies to the recipient, but there are some things that must be shared, and one is that email.)

The rosy fingertips of Dawn poked me in the eye at my cousin's house in
Brighton. They were accompanied by a raging headache (which I fully
deserved.) I had to wake her up (my cousin, not Dawn) and cajole her into
driving me home to feed brunch to the foreigners. When she arrived at my
fly pad, she started ticking off all the things I would need to make this
house a home. She had a point about the shower curtain.

"Okay, drive me to Target," I said.

"Don't tell me what to do," she replied.

(Yeah. I'm sick of making up dialogue now; you'll have to imagine it

The Target shopping was depressing and queazy, but not difficult. The
difficult part was leaving the parking lot with a vehicle that refused to
drive. (Her name in Rhonda, and she's a Jetta.) Anna (my cousin) tried
everything to convince Rhonda to take us home. She tried cursing, and
sweet-talking, and rolling the windows up and down, but to no avail.
Luckily, I was in possession of a magical AAA card, good for one free tow
(within three miles). So we called the nice people at the call center and
they told us it would be a mere 90 minutes before help arrived. No
problem. After 93 minutes in the very cold car, we called them back.

"We understand there's some bad weather in the area. Apparently, that's
slowing down the tow company. They will be there in no more that 30 more
minutes," said Charles, apologetically.

64 minutes later we called again.

"Yeah, we have no idea when they'll get to you," said Kristie (or
something, I only really remember Charles (he sounded hott!))

All told, we spent 3 and a half hours in the car with no heat before they
rescued us. The headache is still there, but a hot shower did much to
thaw my frozen soul.

PS - Thanks to all of you who sent jokes, good wishes and told us stories during our long ordeal. Y'all are the best. Please enjoy this series of text messages with Miya:

Me: Who's it?
M: Obviously not your tow truck!


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January 05, 2005

Posty post

Blah blah, look at me, I'm posting!

Now put the damned pictures up.

Chase, I'm looking in your direction.

(Did anyone order the London Symphony Orchestra?)

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