September 29, 2004


My dad came home from work a little earlier than usual today, so he and I went to the beach. I've been doing that a whole lot lately. Last week the weather was beautiful and the surfers abundant, and I spent nearly every afternoon just jogging up and down the beach, with no shoes on, right at the water-line so I would frequently get splashed. I know I would have been an amusing sight to any of you (long pants rolled up and still soaked to the thigh) but since I'm spending so much time alone lately I've given up on trying not to look ridiculous. Anyway, this is all off topic because while last week was gorgeous and sunny, the rain moved in on Tuesday morning and stopped early this afternoon. The ocean, however, was still reacting to hurricane Jeanne. With a dark sunset sky, huge angry rollers and bitter wind, my father and I took a walk on the beach. And I really felt like I was home. The feeling hasn't left yet. As I type this I'm sitting on my bed in long johns, and a flannel jacket over my pajamas. This is the weather that I missed, crazy as that sounds. These are the days when I think I know what it means to be a New Englander. You'll have to check with me again when the snow starts.

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September 14, 2004

Last Leg, or Making Do with Only Three

And finally, New York. After several days of relaxation at my parents' house we hit the road early this morning for the very last drive in the Honda. It's not fun to drive into New York City with no idea of where you're going. Scratch that. It is fun, but only after the fact. The same could be said for trying to take the subway to and from an unknown destination.

(Erin is reading this over my shoulder and disagrees. "Everything in New York is fun," she says. Of course, she's also totally insane.)

But we made it. We're at my brother's very nice apartment in Brooklyn and will be sleeping quite soon, as we must wake up before the ass crack of dawn in order to deliver Erin to her flight back, in NEW JERSEY. Newark, New York, what's the difference? So yes, Erin is leaving the East Coast and all who reside here (me) for the evergreen hills of Portland. There she will attend to her turtle who managed to live through a close encounter with her mother's dog. (Erin's mother, not the turtle's.) Bruno the turtle apparently ambulates just fine regardless of his missing leg and the loss of 32% of his charming turtle color. He emphatically does not walk only in circles. I can't believe you'd even ask that.

Anyway, when Erin is safely packed off to the Pac-NW I'm going to go back to sleep. Then I will test my tolerance on New York. I'll let you know how it turns out.

(Erin is whispering evil things to me about the power of New York. I want to make sure, since she will be back there and I know it's only you Seattle guys who read my blog, that you understand that she is totally insane.)

So to Erin, Bon Voyage! And to (Seattle) Chase, congratu-fucking-lations on the new job. That seriously kicks ass. And to the rest of you, where's my CD, damnit?

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September 08, 2004

A Little Background...

Erin is getting some terrible news about her pet turtle as I sit here, deciding what (and how much) to write tonight. We are sitting on separate beds at an AmeriHost Inn somewhere in Pennsylvania. It started raining just a few miles into Ohio and has only gotten worse since then. The AmeriHost is wonderful, however, with a heated pool, hot tub and sauna (all of which we've taken advantage of) and the sound of the rain pouring down outside now just feels relaxing. Apparently it will be like this for the next two days (northeast repercussions of Hurricane Francis).

Since I'm here, and the wireless internet seems to be holding up, I'll fill in some of the details of our fabulous story. First, Missoula: as we said, we met up with Jeremy. He was staying at the Days Inn so we just booked a room there ourselves and took advantage of his fantastic hospitality. Which is to say, we got ripped at the WyWest casino bar next-door to the motel. So of course we left Missoula quite a bit later than we had hoped. Jeremy informed us of a little cafe in Bozeman, Montana which had wireless intenet, so we headed there. Hence the first roadtrip post. So imagine us, exhausted and pissy, finally rolling out of Bozeman at 4:30 pm looking forward to another 300 miles, only to have our tire drop its tread 5 miles out of the city.

I'd like to take a moment to thank the good people at AAA for their prompt response time, their friendly and helpful manner, and more importantly, for not asking me for any money after replacing the bum tire with the spare. You're the best.

So we drove carefully back into Bozeman and bought a brand new tire from the local Firestone people (thanks to you guys, too). Around 6:30 we hit the road again finally and drove until we feared for our lives. Of course that was days ago, and seems like weeks. Plenty more has happened that I will have to post about later (with photos, too!) but I'll give you a few little teasers: back-alley katana fight, giant reflective bean, togas, grasshoppers, and police officers. (I'm just kidding about one of those, but you'll have to guess which one.)

For now we're going to check out what's on this big old TV, and get some sweet, comfy, shut-eye. Hope you all are well.

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September 07, 2004

Driving again tomorrow. . .

This is Erin, Liz's travel companion. It is the night before we continue on our cross country trek, and we are very, very tired. Liz and Riley are still great friends and we received a wonderful tour of Chicago. Last night we went to a show at Empty Bottle--hipsters galore. After a morning without an alarm clock, we ate our third breakfast of corned beef hash at a diner with a bear doll in a dress and bonnet. Then, downtown to see the Chicago Art Institute and the new Millenium Park. You can see our tire, some random dude at the badlands, and the two of us on the border of Montana. Tomorrow, we'll hopefully make it through Ohio.

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September 06, 2004

Chi and Coop

Yesterday we woke up in Mitchell, South Dakota, a crappy little town with a crappy little motel called Stardust. We arrived in the midst of a massive thunderstorm (and faulty windshield wipers) the night before and failed to find the AmericInn which promised an indoor pool. Bitches. So Stardust it was. We got up at 6:30 in the morning and drove straight through to Chicago where the Coop proved he's a great friend by promptly getting us both drunk. So now it's Labor day and we are enjoying our own personal day of rest. This is a pretty kick-ass city and dear Coop lives in a very kick-ass apartment. We're going to take our time and chill here for another day before starting the last leg of the trip. I'll keep you all informed and post photos as soon as Ken or Chase steps up with photo hosting. So complain to them and send nothing but good messages to me. That's an order.

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September 03, 2004


We are here. Last night we hung out with Jeremy here. Updates to follow when not cracked out and pissy.

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