July 30, 2004

Overdue, sure, but who are you to judge?

Email down? What do you mean, "email down?" Why do I even bother to show up to work if there's not going to be any email? How do we even do our jobs without it? Seriously.

So there you have it. I'm clearly not posting because I'm inspired or because I have anything even remotely witty or interesting to share with the interweb, but simply because my damned email is down. So I'll update: The Move is going off piecemeal, but at least it's happening. The majority of my stuff is now in Wallingford, although I still have another day or two on Capitol Hill. This has led to a few charming moments since 8 o'clock last night. For instance, when I decided to have tuna salad for dinner and then realized that, although the tuna and mayo were on the right side of town, and I had thoughtfully saved some plastic utensils, the can opener was at the bottom of a box in Wallingford. Similarly, I had left out my checkbook for last minute bill payments, but had neglected to observe how many checks were still in said book. (The answer is two.) I just have to hope that the rest of them are in Wallingford, because I don't remember seeing them when I packed. And of course, the piece de resistance, the futon needs disassembly but the hex keys are in Wford. Lovely. So a bit of travel time has been added to the plans, I just hope that's the worst of it.

It's staggeringly boring here at the moment. No one is ever around on fridays, but to make it worse I'm sitting in the basement office or "The Cave." It's cold and I'm hungry and whiny. I'm surfing for jobs in Boston, but since I haven't yet updated my resume, I get to the "upload resume here" point and then abandon the window. So far I've picked out two choice BC jobs that pay better than mine, but for which I'm sure I'm ridiculously underqualified. Doesn't everyone want to take a chance on a secretary with potential? (Sorry, an ad coordinator with potential.) Of course, how could they not? This kind of stuff is in my blood. Am I allowed to tell them that? Can I just name drop through a whole interview? And is it wrong to apply for a position at a Jesuit college when I'm just a step up from heathen? Is it wrong to have the Jesuit college HR people call my flaming, atheist boss for a reference? If these things are wrong, then maybe I just don't want to be right. But I do want a job. Tough choices.

I am now going to cease this fruitless blogging and seriously work on my resume. But the way this day is going, you really ought not to be surprised if I have posted yet again by quitting time.

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