May 06, 2004

tastes like...

I just made myself laugh outloud remembering one particular event of the move.
Everything hurt, and I was standing in the kitchen, holding a popsicle and talking with someone who will remain nameless. Let's call him Sky. (No that's too obvious.) How about Ler. Ler shook out some advil, two for him, two for me. All the cups were packed, so after popping them immediately into my mouth, I looked around foolishly trying to find some handy liquid. Failing that, I simply swallowed them dry to avoid the taste of melted advil. Ler watched this series of events still holding his pills. He then popped them back, and with a smirk, bit off a huge chunk of popsicle. I had seen the thought process, and he was clearly proud of his recognition that popsicles are essentially juice. What he didn't wait to reason through is that popsicles are frozen, chunky juice. He only realized this after he had started chewing.

Apparently advil doesn't taste so great, even with popsicles.

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