December 08, 2003

kWit y3r B1+ch1ng

i pHoUnD 4 l33t 5Pe@K 93N3r4Tor! pH3Ar My 133+ NEkk1d 5kILlZ 4ND wo0t 4nD 4Ll +h4+. 50 4L3X, +H15 P0$+ 15 F0R YOu, 'C4u$E 1 d0n'+ +h1Nk ANy0N3 3l$3 w1lL h4vE thE P4+13nCe. TEh R3450n @Ll Of thi$ CAM3 UP tOD4Y, i5 TH@+ 1 MAde 4 T-Sh1RT pH0r my liT+L3 n3ph3W pH0r cHrIstM@5. 1'D p05+ TH3 LInk, 8U+ 1 d0u8t it w1LL +r4n5l@t3 c0rREctlY. @NyWay, iT 54Y5 "K@G4N" On TH3 phR0Nt @nd "l33T nEph3w" 0N +eH b4cK. 1 +HoU9H+ iT Wa$ pR3+tY BRiLl1@nT. i WoN'+ 9E+ +0 533 1+ UN+Il I g3+ hOmE 83c4u$E 1 sH1pPED it dirEc+LY, BuT I +hiNk I d1d 4 pr3+ty GOod jO8 w1+h MY $i5TER'5 H0U53HoLd +hI$ YeAR: Le3t +-Sh1r+ f0R Teh w3e On3, @nd 4 thiNK93eK.C0M 4iRZo0K@ f0R h1s DAD. +h4NK$ PH0R PoweRIN9 THr0uGh tHi5, 1PH Y0u'r3 5TiLL d01N9 5o. IF No+, p|-|UcK Y0U.

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