November 14, 2003


Here’s what I’m afraid of on Nov. 14th, 2003:

The public will continue to grow more and more hostile to George W. Bush. His presidential campaign will continue to grow but he will lose support. The schism between republicans and "liberal" democrats will reach nearly unsustainable levels. And then the Bush administration will sacrifice their boy. The assassination will appear to have been planned by either American liberals or Syrian (Iranian, North Korean, French, any other country really) dissidents and anyone who is not a right-wing republican will be implicated. All citizens will be motivated by fear to demand security and retribution. A new war will begin against everyone, everywhere. Dick Cheney will assume direct control over the White House just weeks before the election. Likely they will stall it for national mourning or due to the massive FBI/CIA investigation. The government will bring out an unprecedented campaign for American unity in the face of adversity so that right-wing conservatives will be prepared to terrorize their liberal neighbors for the slightest display of opposition to the new super-powered government. Far from being repealed, the USA PATRIOT Act will be enhanced with new clauses indefinitely suspending whatever civil liberties remained to us before hand. Whatever candidate the White House puts forth to fill G.W.’s spot will have the instant support of ‘Patriotic’ Americans, and the Democratic party will have no chance. By the end of the next four years the system will be such that the electoral process as we know it will have ceased to exist and the only recourse for the remaining “liberals” will be to move out of the country and wait for them to come bomb wherever we’ve moved to.

I really (really really really) hope that there is no basis for this fear, and that George W. Bush survives to pay back all his debts to society. But, seeing that our ally, Great Britian is providing thousands of security people to G.W. for a three day visit, and that they are clearing all the streets for blocks in order to allow Bush’s caravan to check out the scenes of London, I feel like I’m being set up. They’re playing up the threat to George W. personally, as if preparing us for the inevitable assassination attempt. But my fear is not that someone angry at the administration will finally succeed at getting through the security and kill him. Rather my concern is that the administration will have the whole thing planned out to the second for optimal emotional effect and television coverage and that the wheels are turning already and so slowly that we won’t notice until we are all so caught up in the spin that we no longer have the capability to understand what’s happening.

I seriously hope I’m wrong.

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