September 16, 2003

hail to the coop

Riley "The Coop" Cooper is in town, along with four others. Together they are a rag-tag, yet entertaining band of travelers. In order to prove how entertaining they are, they took me to my very first rap show last night. "Surely not!" you might say. "But isn't that a Monday night?" you might add. Yes. And yes. But it got over early...because it was all ages! Yeah, the only thing scarier than under-age hipsters is under-age hip-hopsters (or whatever the hell they're called, it wasn't hip-hop, but I couldn't resist the term.)

Also, they're all sleeping on my floor. I live in a studio. There have never before been six people standing in my apartment at a time, let alone sleeping. It's fun, it's like camping. Without bugs.

The downside of this whole thing is what it's doing to my brain. They've been on the road for the last three months and still have a month to go before they get back to Chicago and then, who knows. They're all totally free, without anchor, at this point. I was in that spot for about two weeks after I graduated from Trinity. Then I chose Seattle, and that was it. Now I'm here, and any movement will take a lot of advanced planning and informed decisions. I stopped being able to fly by the seat of my pants much earlier than I would have liked. Still, I'm torn. I love having my own apartment and knowing that I can pay rent next month, but I can't tell if that out-weighs my love for spontaneity and adventure and all that jazz.

So I guess my next step on this crazy path will have to be a car. It's something to work toward and eventually it could be just that freedom that I'm looking for. Maybe. We'll see.

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September 02, 2003

Lay on McDuff

I had this quote stuck in my head, and even asked my illustrious father with no success as to its origin. Yet another reason I love the word wide net. My memory of the quote was "...and damned be he who first cries, 'Enough!'" I had thought it was from some big old shakespearean party with heavy drinkers promising to keep it goin' on til the break o'dawn. But no. I was only a little bit off with the quote: "Lay on, McDuff, and damned be him who first cries 'Hold, Enough!'" Any of you three who have actually read MacBeth probably recognize this as his challenge to McDuff before their fight to the death. I haven't read it, so I'm hoping I didn't pick it up from the Simpsons or something. So I was pretty far off on the meaning, but I think I kinda like it better now. It'll lend a bit more weight to my drinking anyway.

While I was searching the interweb for that terrific quote I got a fun reminder of how obnoxious and stupid English students are. I suppose it's not easy to come up with original and interesting topics on MacBeth after all these hundreds of years, but please...

In other news, my cousin had her baby a little over a week ago. The new little girl is Gwyneth Hope Harrison, but I call her Tiger. I went to see her for the first time yesterday, and she's certainly beautiful, but some of her facial expressions are startingly similar to her uncle (my cousin) John Convertino (I'm trying to find a link to his old band, Jo Mama and the Soul Train, but it may now be defunct. His new band is The Doodars, but they don't seem to have a website.) Anyway, he's got this smirk that just looks like trouble, and she's got the same one (although at this point, it's just gas.)

It's almost lunch time. Get me out of here.

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