August 25, 2003

yeah, for real.

normally i hate monday because it's so busy. today i hate monday because it's not. this week leading up to labor day is promising to be a really long and unpleasant one. since i'd already finished everything remotely similar to work for today, i thought i'd pull a model-employee and go ask the boss for something to do. his response: "no, i'm sorry, i don't have any work for you. why don't you go email your friends." awesome. joke's on him, i don't have any friends. (if any of my friends are reading this, sorry guys, but you know it's true.) so instead i'm using all this free time to send pointless words into the vast chaos that is the porn net... oops, internet.
also, on the way into work this morning i was thinking about what a lazy bitch i've been in regards to this humble blog. it's not that i've been all that busy or lacking internet access, it's just laziness. and when you're too lazy to bore other people with incoherent ramblings then what do you even have to live for? really. so i'll try to bore you (yes you) more often, but i'm not making any promises. in the meantime i'll just let you in on the other fun web sites that have been occupying my time.
in the category of webcomics we have two: this modern world, and megatokyo.
next, blogs: chase, alex, chris, and of course, skot.
from here we move on to intellectual stimulation in the area of politics and pop culture: Pop politics , and finally the institute for policy studies.
now for sandwich recommendations. i just had a tasty one at pete's deli. salsalito turkey and pepper jack cheese heated and put on white toast with mayo and sun-dried tomatoes. very good. very very good. i've been trying to feel my way around this deli and have been moving ever closer to the greatest sandwich in the world. it may take me years, but i will triumph. now i'm bored again, and very shortly i will have no supervision whatsoever. dangerous stuff. i've been meaning to try desk-chair-wheelies. today could be the day...

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