August 14, 2006

because three months is too many

I don't want this to be a post about why I haven't posted. Neither do I want to make future posting promises which I may or may not be able to keep. So instead I'll just write.

The Red Sox are losing 5-1 to Detriot in the bottom of the fifth. I do not have high hopes for this game. This summer has been one ever-so-important event after another. I can think of only one weekend which did not include responsibilities to people other than myself (more often than not outside the city). So today, for the first time, I called in sick to my (still kind of) new terrific job. It's been a day of ultimate sloth and at the moment I'm keeping the dream alive in my pajamas (still) at 9:45 in the evening.

Boston has finally gotten fun again. Not quite as fun as I remembered it (in comparison to Hartford) back in the college days. More of a hard-working, go-to-sleep-early kind of fun. I still play pool from time to time but there are no tables even half as good (or as cheap) as my Seattle favorites. The House of Dudes can almost claim to have survived the summer. Not near as many barbeques as I intended, but then, the summer weather was not as I intended either. The brutal heat of July has made me damned near ready for the fall already.

I'm not going to continue to ramble in this vein. Instead, maybe I'll go for a walk. (Or maybe not.) I'll be out in Seattle in 16 days (!) and I can't wait to see everyone (except Ken, who sucks). I'm sure that much has changed in the 15 months since I last visited, and I'm trying to prepare myself for that, but mostly I'm excited to return and kick everyone's ass at pool.

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