December 13, 2005

Snizzle Dizzle

Last Friday was a snow day. It was my first snow day, in fact, since I moved off campus and boy, was it great. I finally rolled out of bed and started checking my email around noon to find that all kinds of entertainment awaited me. It seems that when the students of a small, un-named, liberal arts college are stuck on campus they spend much of their time writing angry emails. I was going to post the messages in their entirety but there are just too many. Instead I will post the best excerpts. Behold:

To the Dean:

I just want to tell you that if tomorrow(Saturday) is in a worst driving condition, I am not coming in for my exam because my life could be at risk and I don't think you would want my blood on your hands for the lack of care. Today was hard enough driving in to drop a paper off. I was literally driving with half my heart because of few accidents that I witnessed and experiencing my car swirivng everytime I step on the breaks.
And to wrap it up:
Time does not determine safetyness!

To the student mailing list, and sparking much debate:

Do the school not plow or shovel when there's snow? This happened the last time it snowed also. I'm very dissapointed to walk along the pathway and outside the dormitories to discovered that it has not been shoveled and I'm beginning to questioned why is that?

With the subject "Rebell":

We our paying top dollar for this bull shit ass service public schools get better care then us. Why the hell would they cancel our shuttle bus without warning us and then instructing us to walk in blizzard like conditions and risk being hit by slidding cars. [...] My parents will write and call, I write, the question is will you write? You dam right this is propaganda, we must stand up for our rights and prove them we actually learned something from this bull shit school. It doesn't have to be long, three sentences minimum to pages of angerness.

And then, my personal favorite and the lone voice of support:

Dear Grounds
Great Job
During this horriable weather, I apperiatte the hard work. Lets cherr on the grounds they are doing the best they can. Great job well done, I apploude you. Thank.

It kinda makes me wish every day were a snow day.

Posted by liz at December 13, 2005 11:27 AM

Oh, the humanity. They should all be shot.

Posted by: melanie at December 13, 2005 12:06 PM

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